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bits and bytes is a blog about using technology to make your life easier, proving that healthy food can be delicious, and saving your pennies.
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Getting mom a techie gift this Mothers’ Day? Here is a cute printable to include in her card!

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Looking for a way to manage all those RSS feeds? Check out this neat trick for Outlook!

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Stuck with a big bowl of leftover Halloween Candy? Here is a delicious way to use it!

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This almost-perfect pasta dish needs a little ‘something’ … what do you think would complete it?  

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Ready for Halloween!

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Timeline may be stalled, but friend lists have been rolled out. Everything you need to know about recent changes to facebook.

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 A piece of chicken jerky and a ‘Good Dog’ is much more rewarding for them than a delicious drink from the toilet

My story as I dive in to dog training. 

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